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Please note we are unable to re-code ignition keys to the ECU, we only offer a re-code service for the Meta alarm system fitted to these vehicles

Locating Meta M99 Alarm ECU for re-coding If the code card is lost or you do not have a working remote we can now re-code the M99T or M99T2 alarms which were fitted as standard to many UK supplied Fiat Coupes manufactured from 1998 till around 2002.

The M99 alarm system is located behind the fuse box located in the drivers footwell. Pull the fusebox down as far as it will go (it is mounted on stiff hinges - for more info see owners manual), using a torch locate the alarm which is simply pushed up where all the fusebox wires disappear, gently pull it down and unplug the unit and send it to the address below, sometimes it is held in place using cable ties, carefully cut the ties away to access the unit.

We can reprogram both M99 versions with two new round remotes plus a new codecard for programing more remotes in the future & complete with a M99 user guide. The cost is £110, which includes return delivery before 1PM the next working day.

Send the alarm brain to:

Abacus Car Alarms
206 Leigham Court Road
SW16 2RB

Don't forget to include your details including your phone number.

Once coded with two new fobs the alarm will be checked on our test bench, once the alarm is tested ok we will contact you for payment. 

For a fast turnaround please send via next day Special Delivery (a reprogramed alarm by us is usually returned within 2 working days - weekends will take longer)

For more information call 0208 677 1999

For orders outside the UK please contact the office for shipping charges, when sending from outside the EU do not mark the package value as more than $15 as UK customs will charge import duty which is non refundable & please mark the package as 'Item for repair'

HPA Plug & Play Replacement Alarm ECU for the M99T2

We can now supply the Meta HPA alarm complete with an adapter loom that will replace the M99T2 which are originally fitted to the Fiat Coupe. Simply locate the M99T2 ECU box found above the fusebox. The replacement will function with the existing siren & sensors. This kit will not replace the earlier M99T alarm system. Cures the problem with sticking indicator lights. Option for remote boot release

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Replacement M99 Sirens

The siren is fitted behind the nearside front wing, remove the 3 bolts (one hidden behind the rubber cusion) gently pull wing away to access the siren. The M11a siren is no longer available however we have a replacement unit that is a simple plug & play fit, more info. For later vehicle fitted with the M99T2 the model of the siren is the SC1T2 and can be purchased here

Replacement SC1 siren for the M99T2 only

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Fiat Coupe Replacement Kits, Spare Parts Or Other Options

Plug & Play Replacement Alarm System - More Info

Meta M99T/M99T2 Reprogram - More Info

SC1T2 Siren for the M99T2 Only (NOT M99T) - More Info



When sending an item (for any reason) to Abacus Car Alarms from outside the UK do not mark the package value of more than $15(US), if valued for more customs will charge import duty/tax which is non refundable & expensive.

Please mark the package as 'Item for repair' 

For more information about shipping contact the office HERE


Alfa GTV - Fiat Coupe - Vauxhall VX220 - Lotus Else - TVR Maserati-Gt - Ferrari F430