There is a major weakness in your car security system.....


This is because IT'S YOU that carry the keys to your car and the remote control. Thieves, who are becoming frustrated by increased measures in car security, can turn to desperate measures to steal your car. It's called Car-Jacking and we are hearing of this happening on our news more and more often nowadays. At traffic lights you could be pulled out of your car. At the cash point machine or petrol station if you forget to remove your keys. On the road if you are bumped gently from the rear and unwisely stop. At home, when the thief breaks in to get at your car keys.

But there IS an answer ... The AUTOWATCH 68hi

What is the Autowatch 68hi?

The Autowatch 68hi is an extremely cost effective security system developed in South Africa where car-jacking is a major problem. It allows the thief to drive away in your car but guarantees he won't get far because it will quickly glide to a halt with the lights flashing and siren blaring.

How does it work?

The Autowatch 68hi becomes operational every time you begin to drive your car. One simple action tells your car that it is you that is driving. Only you know what the action is - but if a thief gets into your car, lots of unpleasant things start to happen.

After 30 seconds, he hears a short reminder bleep.

Even if the thief now knows that an Autowatch 68hi is fitted, he does not know what action is required to disarm it.

Two further warnings will follow at ten second intervals.

After one minute the horn will begin to sound in attention-grabbing bursts.

The engine will begin to lose power.

The car will safely coast to a halt with the horn blaring and the lights flashing.

The thief will be forced to make a run for it.

Now stand back and have the last laugh....

The Police will advise you never to-"have-a-go"! The Autowatch 68hi allows you to stand back if somebody demands your keys - but as you dial the police, you can rest assured you'll have the last laugh!

We've all made mistakes and left the keys in the ignition at some time or other. The Autowatch 68hi will make sure you aren't punished by both the thief and the insurance companies if you ever forget again.

The Autowatch 68hi can be fitted on any car, irrespective of it already having an existing alarm or immobiliser system installed. Order one today - tomorrow may be too late.......