Ferrari F430

Many Ferrari F430's are fitted with the Meta M8-26 alarm system. To code a new fob to the alarm a working fob & a 16 digit code (which needs to be pre-programmed to the fob) if either are missing the alarm control unit will need to be sent to us for re-coding.

The M826 alarm box can be found behind the clutch/brake/throttle pedals on LHD vehicles & in the same area of the passenger side on RHD cars

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Simply unplug the alarm & send it to us for re-coding, we offer a 48 hour turnaround service (Providing we receive the unit via Royal Mail Special Delivery between Monday to Thursday, items received on the Friday will be sent out the same day but are not guaranteed for delivery until the Monday)

Replacement sirens can be found here

Replacement Fob Circuit Boards

Do not loose the imobiliser chip when removing the circuit board. Remove the circuit board from the oposite side shown in the photo

Replacement M300 circuit boards are available 

M826 for Ferrari Re-code 

with two M2500 fobs & new code-card (fitted with the M300 circuit board which also fit inside the original Ferrari keyfob)


  • Re-code M826 with two customer supplied Maserati circuit boards = £140
  • Re-code M826 & supply two Meta M300 fobs including key fitting kits = £240 (The M300 are fitted with the same circuit boards that fit the original Ferrari key fob)
  • Re-code M826 with any two Meta fobs click here = £140 + the cost of the fobs (less £5 discount per fob - minimum of two)
  • Individually re-code customer supplied circuit board with 16 digit code = £30 each (the fobs will need to be coded back to the alarm ECU which requires a functioning fob)

The alarm must be coded with a minumum of two fobs

Simply send the alarm ECU to:

Abacus Car Alarms
206 Leigham Court Road
SW16 2RB

Please send via Royal Mail Special Delivery as they offer garanteed next day delivery before 1pm alllowing time to re-code the ECU & catch the return post 

For orders outside the UK please contact the office for shipping charges, when sending from outside the EU do not mark the package value as more than $15 as UK customs will charge import duty which is non refundable & please mark the package as 'Item for repair'

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For any other configurations or technical advice please contact the office on 0208 677 1999