Meta BLE 42

Protection against keyless and OBD hacking and key cloning
Deactivate with a bluetooth tag, no need to enter a code
Easy to use 3-digit PIN for emergency deactivation
LED as a visual deterrent

Built-in immobilizer relay (NC contact)
Bluetooth LowEnergy ID-TAGS B9.5 (possibility to add up to 5 ID-TAGS, 2 supplied, The BLE ECU needs to be sent back to dealer for extra ID-Tag programming)
Override code button / status LED
Emergency release through override code (3-digit PIN override code))
Very Compact Unit 7x5x2 cm

    Supply voltage: 12 / 24Vdc
    Current consumption: <5mA (starting key in OFF position)
    Maximum immobilizer current: 25A at 12 VDC / 10A at 24 VDC
    Maximum current OUT1 / OUT2 / OUT3: 500mA - (negative output)
    High frequency: 2.402 GHz 2.480 GHz (Bluetooth Low Energy)
    Dimensions: 70 x 52 x 22 mm

BLE-42 Replacement Immobiliser

How the system works.

After the ignition switch has been switched off:

Once the ID-Tags are out of range the immobiliser wil automatically arm, meaning the car cannot be started. The arming occurs 35 seconds after the ID-Tag is out of range which is 10Mtrs approx. Once out of range the 'Opration LED' will constantly flash indicating the immobiliser is active.

Once the ID-Tag is in range the immobiliser will disarm allowing the vehicle to be started, disarming occurs 5 seconds after the ID-Tag is in range, for disarming is 5Mtrs approx. The 'Operation LED' will stop flashing,

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