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Meta M99T & M99T2 Reprogram


Manufacturer: Meta

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Product Information

Re-program Meta a M99T & M99T2 Alarm system with two new fobs & new codecard.
Send in your old alarm for re-programming which will include two HPA type fobs, codecard and user instructions (Option to upgrade fobs - choose in the options box above. Note:The VX220 fobs are reconditioned items in very good condition). Simply locate the alarm usually hidden somewhere under the dash of the vehicle, unplug it and send it to us for re-coding (see below for more info). The M300 options are no longer available.

Send your alarm to:

                          Abacus Car Alarms,
                          206 Leigham Court Road,
                          SW16 2RB

If your vehicle also has the Meta M36T immobiliser fitted please contact the office before ordering.

Locating the Alarm ECU on factory fitted systems:

Alfa Romeo GTV:  On the drivers side locate and remove a small screw in the carpet cover of the centre console, remove the cover, and you should see the M99 alarm brain located somewhere under the stereo unit, pull out the alarm (sometimes it may be easier to do this from the passenger side - same method of removing the carpet cover) remove the plugs and send it to me at the address below. Without the alarm the car will still start and run as normal. Once reprogrammed simply plug the alarm in which will start working immediately. More Info

Fiat Coupe: The alarm is located behind the fuse box located in the drivers footwell. Pull the fusebox down as far as it will go (it is mounted on stiff hinges - for more info see owners manual), using a torch locate the alarm which is simply pushed up where all the fusebox wires disappear, gently pull it down and unplug the unit and send it to me at the address below. More Info

VX220 & Lotus Ellise: The alarm is located on the passenger (near side) under the top dash cover, More info.


Review Comment :Hi, you reprogrammed my Lotus Meta alarm at the start of the week, I only picked it up from the post office today and just wanted to say thank you. Over the moon, car started first turn of the key, everything working as it should and new style key fobs much nicer. Really happy, many thanks for an excellent service and will be recommending you to any other Lotus owner that needs help! All the best Scott Webster

Review Comment :Hi there, I recently contacted you guys because my alarm fob key was nakered. You recomended I send the alarm unit in for reprogramming and get more upto date key fobs. I followed the guys instructions and took the alarm out and sent it through. Within a couple of days I had the alarm system back and a call from the guy to make payment. Everything worked perfectly and you guys made getting my alarm system back up and operation very simple. And the price was very reasonable. Thanks very much I will be recomending you to anyone and everyone that has GTV with similiar alarm problems

Review Comment :I've just received my M99 back - plugged it in, tested it out, and so pleased to have control over my alarm for the first time since I bought the car nearly 3 years ago. It was an added bonus to discover that it also controls the central locking (there is no remote central locking function on this vehicle as standard - it the old "the central locking buttons only work when you are inside the car" type of system), although I have discovered that I now need to service the actuator on the dirver's side, as it is to sticky to work properly from the alarm. Many Thanks for the excellent and timely service. Regards Paul B Bexleyheath

Product Code: M99T Reprogram


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