An immobiliser is an electronic device that cuts into one or more electronic circuits of the vehicle causing the engine not to be able to start or run. They are operated either by a coded touch key or by a transponder key or remote fob, without either the car will not start.

There are three types of immobilisers;

Touchkey, which requires the user to touch a small electronic key onto a recepticle usually mounted somewhere on the dash area, if this is not done or the key is not programmed to the system the vehicle will not start.

Transponder, this is a small dongle which simply hangs from the key ring, it is automatically detected when the ignition keys are turned to start the car, if the dongle is not there or has not been coded with the immobiliser system the vehicle will not start.

Remote control, this system has a remote fob which once pressed the vehicle can be started, this unit can also operate the central locking system (if fitted) of the vehicle so the doors lock & unlock with the operation of the fob

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