Which Meta Bike Alarm Is Fitted

This info is for the UK & Southern Ireland markets, I cannot guarantee this information will be accurate for alarms fitted outside the EU

In the UK Meta have supplied six different models of motorcycle alarms, The M355, M351A, M357(T), M357TV2, M357TV2-1 & Defcom(3 or T). 

M355, M351a, M357 & M357TV2 all use the same eternal case 

M35 range of alarms outer case


Supplied in very low numbers in the UK, this is the basic version of the M35 range with only one immobiliser circuit as such was never approved by the UK insurance industry (Thatcham). This model is very rare in the UK & if fitted it would have been up to the year 1999 


Fitted from late 1997 to 1999, the first approved alarm manufactured by Meta (Sold Secure Approval), the M351a used an M16 external sensor (Later models has the sensor built in). The alarm uses random encrypted remote fobs, two immobiliser circuits & buil-in battery backup. If the alarm fitted to the bike has this sensor it is highly probable the model of the alarm is the M351a. Meta use a very poor font on the label found on the underside of this alarm which looks like the model is a M357a, the '7' is a '1', any Meta alarm with an 'A' after the model number is the M351a (see photo above). The M351a no longer available however we are able to supply a modified M357TV2 which comes with a plug & play adapter should it be faulty, more info 

M16 movement sensor M16 movement sensor

M16 movement sensor only fited with the M351a

M357 & M357T

Fitted from 2000 to 2002, this is the first Thatcham approved motorcycle security device. The M357 has the movement sensor built in otherwise the specification is the same as the M351a. This alarm is not plug swappable with other Meta alarms & is no longer available. The M357 is fitted a single 18 way plug shown below. The M357 is no longer available however we are able to supply a modified M357TV2 which comes with a plug & play adapter, more info 


Fitted from 2003 onwards, Thatcham approved and has the same spec as the M357. This alarm is not plug swappable with other Meta alarms. The M357TV2 has two connection plugs one 18 way & a small two way plug (see photo above) If faulty or the codecard is lost we can supply a plug & play replacement unit which can be found here


Same as the M357TV2 but does not have the immobiliser circuits, this unit is a Thatcham approved upgrade alarm for use on bikes which already have an immobiliser fitted, it is plug compatible with the M357TV2 but will have functional differences. It is no longer available, the TV2-1 is fitted with the M351a/M357 plug, this alarm does not immobilise the bike. It is no longer available & has been replaced by the DefcomT. If a plug & play replacement is required we can supply a DefcomT which comes with an adapter loom for simple plug & play swap over, more info

Not Sure which alarm is fitted, we can supply a test box which can detect what alarm is fitted. for Meta 'M' series alarms only

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The Defcom3 is the version sold on mainland Europe, in the UK it became the DefcomT when Thatcham approval was given. The DefcomT replaces the M357TV2-1 Thatcham upgrade alarm, when used in conjunction with a bike fitted with an approved immobiliser the DefcomT gives Thatcham 2-1 approval. When used as a stand alone unit it is just a normal alarm system. Supplied with two random encrypted fobs, battery backed up siren & single immobiliser circuit. More info

DefcomT & Defcom3

DefcomT & Defcom3

Replacement Fobs

To code a new fob to the Meta range of bike alarms (not the M351a & not for the latest EVO motorcycle alarms) a 16 digit code is required (found on the red code card or on the fitting certificate). We pre-code the fob with this number, when you receive the fob you then pair it to the alarm using the 5 digit override code (company code) also found on the codecard (programming instructions supplied). If either code is missing it will not be possible to code in new fobs.

The M351a does not have the 5 digit override code, a working fob is required to pair a new fob to the alarm system, if a working fob is not available it will no longer be possible to code in a new fob

You can choose any of the Meta 16 digit coded fobs here