Boot Release Kits

Allows boot to pop from remote control whilst disarming alarm

Heavy duty solenoid is designed to deliver mechanical action in one direction only. A spring then returns to solenoid to it's rest position.

A flexible cable connection enables the installion to connect to almost any cable driven boot release or directly to the lock itself.

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Remote control boot release kit for all meta alarms supplied with the single button fobs such as TVR vehicles. This kit will enable the use of a single fob to control the locking/unlocking & remote operation of the boot, assuming the vehicle is fitted with an electronic boot release button. Can also be used with the aftermarket boot release kit here. This system will be coded to the same 16 digit code the original alarm is programmed with, once the kit has been installed into your vehicle simply program the fob into the original alarm, once coded this fob will add the boot release function including the operation of arming & disarming the alarm (which includes locking/unlocking the doors - if remote CDL is fitted)

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