Meta Fobs

  • A: M100 Old style one button fob (discontinued - no longer available)
  • B: HPA TX type two button fob (for later Meta alarms - 16 digit code required - will work with all 16 digit coded Meta alarms) 
  • C: M500 (Black) Motorcycle one button water resistant fob (can be either eight or sixteen digit codes) 
  • D: TXM550 standard round grey fob, avaialble in 8 & 16 digit coded versions 
  • E: M252 Two button ignition key type fob (16 digit code only - will work with all 16 digit coded alarms) 
  • F: TXM300 single button key fob,
  • G: RK36S Touchkey for the M33/36 range of immobilisers (working touchkey required for coding) 
  • H: M202, no longer available
  • I: Very early M35 immobiliser touchkey (discontinued - no longer available - no replacements available - not compatible with the RK36S)
  • J: M462 Two button self coding fob for M999T alarm system - No Longer Available -  Replaced by the TXSHS see 'P' below
  • K: M2100 fob, no longer available
  • L: M2000 16 digit coded fob
  • M: M2502 Three Buttoned Fob
  • N: 315 Mhz fob for European countries which use the 315 frequency also for the Def.Com3 Euro motorcycle alarm, buy online, works with all 16 digit 315Mhz Euro Meta alarms (Holland & Belgium supplied items)
  • O: One button fob for Gemel/Serpi Star motorcycle alarms
  • P: Gemel self coding fob for the Meta M999T alarm system (TXSHS), replaces M462 (J), - more info
  • Q: Maserati two button replacement circuit board for the Maserati 4200 , no longer available
  • R: Triangular fob for the VX220 & some Lotus vehicles, 16 digit code required - limited second hand supply available

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Any of the 16 digit coded fobs shown above will work with any 16 digit coded alarm using the 433Mhz frequency (All alarms supplied to the UK & Ireland market use the 433Mhz frequency), with the exception of the Euro TX (N)  which uses a European designated frequency (315 Mhz). The Gemel TXSHS fob (P) will only operate with Gemel ND range, the GR99 & GR480 range of alarms. Will also operate the Meta M999t alarm system.

Please read this section before contacting the office or ordering a replacement Meta fob

With the exception of the Meta M999T alarm system (see below) all Meta car & motorcycle alarms require a code to be programmed into the fob before they will operate the alarm. The programming of the fob can only be done by a Meta dealer or alarm specialist who has the correct coding equipment. Meta only supply the code on a red or blue code-card supplied with the alarm, Meta never supply the code anywhere on or within the alarm system or inside the fob. Sometimes the supplying dealer or previous owner may have added the code to a receipt, handbook or a certificate etc.

If the code is not available it will not be possible to code in a replacement fob, however we may be able to re-code the alarm.

There are two types of coding technology, eight digit (older alarm systems) & sixteen digit (later type). The eight digit coded fobs always start or end with the letters TC1A or TC1B, the sixteen digit coded fobs usually contain letters (hexadecimal code). The eight digit coded fobs are of fixed code type (I.E. the code transmitted is always the same) and will work immediately with the corresponding alarm system. The sixteen digit coded fobs change their code every time the button is pressed and as such it is not possible for someone to copy the code & transmit at a later time.

A new sixteen digit coded fob will not immediately work with it's corresponding alarm system, it needs to be programmed into the alarm by using a working fob (or a pin code for the M357 range of bike alarms), if a working fob is not available it will not be possible to make the fob work with the alarm.