Meta Fobs

  • A: M100 Old style one button fob, no longer manufactured, very limited amount of stock left, more info
  • B: HPA TX type two button fob (for later Meta alarms - 16 digit code required - will work with all 16 digit coded Meta alarms) more info
  • C: M500 (Black) Motorcycle one button water resistant fob (can be either 8 or 16 digit codes) click here,
  • D: TXM550 standard round grey fob, (can be either 8 or 16 digit codes) 8 digit code click here, 16 digit code click here
  • E: M252 Two button ignition key type fob (16 digit code only - will work with all 16 digit coded alarms) More info
  • F: TXM300 single button key fob, more info
  • G: RK36S Touchkey for the M33/36 range of immobilisers (working touchkey required for coding) More info
  • H: M202, Early version of the M100 replaced by the M2100 - no longer available
  • I: Very early M35 immobiliser touchkey (discontinued - no longer available - no replacements available - not compatible with the RK36S)
  • J: M462 Two button self coding fob for M999T alarm system - No longer available has been replaced by the Gemel 2 button fob, more info
  • K: M2100 fob, this case can accept the internal circuit of the M100 fob - no longer available
  • L: M2000 fob, 2 button circular fob designed for easy operation whilst wearing gloves (motorcycle systems) will work with all 16 digit coded alarms. Buy online
  • M: M2502 is available as an upgrade kit which adds remote boot release to any 16 digit coded Meta alarm (see here), this fob operates the originally fitted Meta alarm & adds boot release on the centre button - three wire fitment, more info
  • N: 315 Mhz fob for European countries which use the 315 frequency also for the Def.Com3 Euro motorcycle alarm, buy online, works with all 16 digit 315Mhz Euro Meta alarms (Holland & Belgium supplied items)
  • O: One button fob for Gemel/Serpi Star motorcycle alarms, no longer available & has been replaced by the M500, buy online (16 digit coded alarms)
  • P: Gemel self coding fob for the Meta M999T alarm system (TXSHS), replaces M462 (J), - more info
  • Q: Maserati two button replacement circuit board for the Maserati 4200, buy online
  • R: Triangular fob for the VX220 & some Lotus vehicles, 16 digit code required - more info

Any of the 16 digit coded fobs shown above will work with any 16 digit coded alarm using the 433Mhz frequency (All alarms supplied to the UK & Ireland market use the 433Mhz frequency), with the exception of the Euro TX (N)  which uses a European designated frequency (315 Mhz). The Gemel TXSHS fob (P) will only operate with Gemel ND range, the GR99 & GR480 range of alarms. Will also operate the Meta M999t alarm system.

Please read this section before contacting the office or ordering a replacement Meta fob

With the exception of the Meta M999T alarm system (see below) all Meta car & motorcycle alarms require a code to be programmed into the fob before they will operate the alarm. The programming of the fob can only be done by a Meta dealer or alarm specialist who has the correct coding equipment. Meta only supply the code on a red or blue code-card supplied with the alarm, Meta never supply the code anywhere on or within the alarm system or inside the fob. Sometimes the supplying dealer or previous owner may have added the code to a receipt, handbook or a certificate etc.

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Meta Standard Manufacturer Fitted Alarms (OEM)

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Alfa GTV - Fiat Coupe - Lotus Elise - Maserati - TVR - Vauxhall VX220

If the code is not available it will not be possible to code in a replacement fob, however we may be able to re-code the alarm.

There are two types of coding technology, eight digit (older alarm systems) & sixteen digit (later type). The eight digit coded fobs always start or end with the letters TC1A or TC1B, the sixteen digit coded fobs usually contain letters (hexadecimal code). The eight digit coded fobs are of fixed code type (I.E. the code transmitted is always the same) and will work immediately with the corresponding alarm system. The sixteen digit coded fobs change their code every time the button is pressed and as such it is not possible for someone to copy the code & transmit at a later time.

A new sixteen digit coded fob will not immediately work with it's corresponding alarm system, it needs to be programmed into the alarm by using a working fob (or a pin code for the M357 range of bike alarms), if a working fob is not available it will not be possible to make the fob work with the alarm.

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16 digit codedcard contains a hexadecimal code. The lower line shows the asterix next to each number represents how many remotes are programmed into the alarm (max 7)

Re-coding The Alarm Brain

We can now re-code all later type Meta alarm systems with two new fobs & a new 16 digit code number. Older Meta alarm systems can not be re-coded, if the codecard for these alarms is lost the only option is to either remove the alarm or replace with another.

The alarms that can be re-coded are: the M870, M8700, M2087, M996, M928, M99T, M99T2, M187, M871, M9-26, M826, M96E (not M96) and HPA range of alarms systems with two new fobs and a new codecard for future. If the alarm fitted to your vehicle is not listed it will not be possible to re-code it, alarms which cannot be re-coded include the M96 & M9601. It's also not possible to re-code any of the motorcycle alarms which includes the Legos3, DefComT, M351, M355, M357, M357T & M357TV2.

Quick guide to locating the Alarm Brain in your vehicle

If you are unsure of what model alarm is fitted to your vehicle it will have to be located. All Meta alarms begin with the letter 'M' followed by a number I.E. M99T or M8700 etc. Firstly look under the bonnet for the siren, once located inspect the cable coming from it, if the cable is very thin (only a few wires encased in a rubber/plastic sheath) this is just a siren and the actual alarm control brain will be hidden somewhere under the dash (known as a modular alarm).


M11/M07 siren & SC1T2 siren

The M870, M8700 & M2087 look similar to the SC1T2

f the siren has a sticker (usually found on the underside of the siren - unbolt for easier access) if the model numbers are M07, M11 or SC1T2 these are just sirens and the alarm control box will be hidden somewhere under the dash. If the siren is the SC1T2 the alarm fitted will be the M99T2.

If there are quite a few wires (or a thick cable sheath) coming from the siren this indicates it to be the actual alarm system (known as a compact alarm) on it should be a sticker with the model number, it may be necessary to unbolt the siren as the sticker is on the underside. In all cases the model number begins with the letter 'M', I.E. M870, M8700 or M2807 etc. Once found contact the office for more info.

If the vehicle is fitted with just a siren, the alarm brain will be found somewhere under the dash, the easiest way to find the unit is either follow one of the sensor wires (usually fitted either side of the windscreen pillars) or the LED wire or the siren wire which should all lead you to the unit. Again once found there should be a sticker with the model number and again in all cases begins with the letter 'M', I.E. M99 or M996 etc. The control box can vary in size roughly from a paperback book to a box a little larger than a packet of cigarettes, in all cases there will be a large number of wires, containing a dozen or more. Once found contact the office with this information.

Common Meta alarm control ECU's

We can only re-code later Meta alarms such as the M870, M8700, M2087, M996, M928, M99T, M99T2, M187, M871 and HPA range with two fobs and a new code-card, in many cases we can offer an exchange item so it will be a simple case of plug and play for replacing it.

Or call the office on 0208 677 1999

More detailed guide

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Meta M999T Fobs

Self coding fobs:

The Meta M999T alarm system uses a self coding system for programming, the fob does not need pre-coding however a 5 digit pin code is required without which it will not be possible to code in a new fob. Coding instructions are supplied with each fob

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If the override code is missing locate the alarm brain (usually hidden somewhere under the dash) make a note of the serial number & contact the office, we may be able to transpose this number into the override code (works in about 75% of cases)

Meta M999T ECU - locating the serial number

Motorcycle Fobs

For M357 range of bike alarms a 5 digit pin number (company code) is required for coding in new fobs, without which it will not be possible.

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