Thatcham 2 to 1 upgrade alarm. Can also be used as a stand alone motorcycle security system or can upgrade a motorcycle already fitted with a Cat 2 immobiliser to full Thatcham Cat 1 status. Def.comT's well-featured, cost effective compact design provides discreet installation and makes it ideal for all scooters and motorcycles. 

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The DefcomT is no longer available & has been replaced by the Defcom3.1b which has advanced features such as an optional ID tag technology, if chosen the ID tag will automatically arm & disarm the alarm when in range, no more messing around with pressing the remote button wearing heavy gloves.


  • Two anti-scan / antigrab, rolling code micro transmitters, one of which can be upgraded to a B9.5 Tag remote fob
  • Passive arming single circuit immobiliser
  • Passive arming for full alarm system (optional - not required for 2 to1)
  • Hazard flash
  • Battery Backed Up Siren
  • Visual and audible arming signals (selectable) 
  • Secure override facility activated by the owners individual PIN code in the event of loss or damage to transmitters
  • Diagnostic LED
  • Internal Movement sensor (can be excluded)
  • Loud 114db remote siren
  • Sleep mode with zero battery drain after 20 days (Only avaialble when bought from Abacus Car Alarms, Normally 5 days)
  • Low 1.8 mA current consumption
  • Low bike battery warning when disarming
  • Auto re-arm of immobilisation if ignition is not turned on within 50 seconds
  • System test facilities in first 25 seconds of arming informs of any faults
  • Panic facility
  • Movement sensor deletion facility
  • Two additional protection circuits
  • Facility to power auxiliary modules (additional siren etc)
  • Alarm automatically re-arms if triggered
  • Upgrade to key remote
  • Operating temperature -25C to 85C
  • Thatcham Approval Number TMCU-236/0106 (for use as an upgrade alarm)
  • Optional equipment on Many KTM motorcycles (see below)
  • Approved by Yamaha (motorcycles) UK

DefComT Plug & Play for Yamaha Bikes  

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DefComT Plug & Play for Triumph Bikes  (2016-2019)

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DefcomT Plug & play alarm for pre 2016 Triumphs - More Info

DefComT Plug & Play for Suzuki Bikes  

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DefComT Plug & Play for Honda Bikes  

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This plug will fit the DefcomT alarm (the wiring shown may not be the same as fitted to your vehicle)


The DefCom3 will not directly fit the Superduke 990, the Supermoto 950 & the Supermoto 690.

KTM Motorcycles

The Def Com3 alarm is a Factory option on some KTM motorcycles. The DefCom3 will directly fit the Adventure 990, the Supermoto 990 & the RC8, (KTM part number 601.12.35.000) . Many of these bikes are ready fitted with the plug for the alarm, the DefCom3 will directly fit this plug with no other wiring necessary (with the possible exception of the LED which may not be fitted - the LED is supplied with the DefCom3 kit). Please check your bike has this plug fitted before ordering.

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