3200GT Alarm Removal

The Alarm/Remote Lock ECU (Mod M9-26) is located behind the rear, nearside (UK version) side panel, it can be removed in a few minutes, very easily.

The side panel is in 3 parts 

Trim 1 is held in position by 3 plastic push fixings (photo 1a) and it can be easily removed by praising the trim away from the side panel 2. If you don’t have a trim removal tool, use a spatula or any flat object that isn’t sharp, gently pushed between the trim and the panel piping, as shown in the image.

Remove the 3 Phillips screws, shown in PHOTO 2 in locations S1 and remove the panel by lifting slightly and pulling towards you

Remove the 3 Phillips screws shown in Photo 3 in locations S2.  To enable access to the screw on the far left, you will need to slightly depress the upholstery as shown in the image. Remove the panel by lifting slightly and pulling towards you.

The alarm ECU is located behind the inner body skin and held on place by 3 small bolts shown in Photo 4, in locations S3. Before removing the bolts, unplug the 2 plugs shown by blue arrows. The UCU and fixing bracket will just slide down and out. When the ECU is unplugged, the alarm will sound, powered by the built-in horn battery but this is quieter than when powered by the car battery and it will stop after a minute or so.

Remove the screws S3 in Photo 5 to remove the bracket.

Send the alarm to Abacus for recoding

Many thanks to Mr S.C. for this comprehensive guide.

For a printable version of this guide click here

Send to: 

Abacus Car Alarms
206 Leigham Court Road
SW16 2RB

Don't forget to include your contact details including telephone number.

Once coded with two new fobs we will contact you for payment. If paying by cheque there will be a minimum delay of six days for it to clear before unit is sent back to you.

For a fast turnaround please send via Royal Mail next day Special Delivery (a re-programed alarm is usually returned within 2 working days - weekends will take longer)



When sending an item (for any reason) to Abacus Car Alarms from outside the UK do not mark the package value of more than $15(US), if valued for more customs will charge import duty/tax which is non refundable & expensive.

Please mark the package as 'Item for repair' 

For more information about shipping contact the office HERE