Plug & Play Replacements for Datatool Alarms

We now  supply plug & play replacement alarms for both the troublesome Datatool S3 & S4 alarm systems. The kit includes the award winning ultra reliable Meta M357Tv2 complete with a plug & play wiring harness. 

To replace the existing alarm all that is required is locate & open up the old alarm, unplug the wiring loom & discard old alarm, plug into the replacement kit & off you go. Can usually be done in a matter of minutes, no rewiring or major wiring alterations required.

Fitting instructions for the S3 kit - click here

Fitting instructions for the S4 kit - click here

Datatool S3 & the S3 Replacement kit 

  Datatool S3 

S3 Replacement kit - buy online & technical information

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S4 Bypass Plug - More Info