Lotus Elise & 340R

Re-coding M99's with new Meta fobs

Reprogram Service 

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The alarm unit can be seen on the far left in the above photo (look for the red sticker on the back of the unit). The arrows show the screw points for removal of the dash cover, the stereo & stereo frame needs to be removed to access the 2nd screw (centre arrow in left picture), the 4th screw is hidden behind the light switch (right picture). Sometimes it may be possible to access the alarm through the stereo cavity. Once located simply unplug the alarm and sent it to the address below, the car will still operate as normal. The 340R has the alarm hidden behind the battery under the bonnet.

As most Ellise's are also fitted with the M36 immobiliser it is not possible to replace the M99 with another unit or even replace the M36 as these are digitally linked to each other, as such in most circumstances cannot be coded to another device, if either of the items are replaced they will funtion as individual systems. Only re-programming the alarm will guarantee that both M99 & M36 will continue to function with each other. For more information call the office. The VX220 does not have this problem as it uses the Vauxhall chipped key system for the immobiliser.

We can reprogram both M99 versions with two new round TXM550 Meta remotes plus a new codecard for programing more remotes in the future & complete with a M99 user guide, the fobs can be upgraded to the original M300 type fobs (for the Lotus) fitted with the key blank as originally supplied . The cost is £110, which includes return delivery before 1PM the next working day. 

Send the alarm brain to:

Abacus Car Alarms
206 Leigham Court Road
SW16 2RB

Don't forget to include your details including your phone number.

Once coded with two new fobs the alarm will be checked on our test bench, once the alarm is tested ok we will contact you for payment. 

For a fast turnaround please send via next day Special Delivery (a reprogramed alarm by us is usually returned within 2 working days - weekends will take longer)

For More info call 0208 677 1999

P&P Alarm With Remote Boot Release

Plug & play replacement HPA system for the VX220. Simple replacement of the M99T2 alarm ECU's. Simply unplug the old unit & plug in this replacement. Will function with the existing microwave sensor & siren 

The alarm is supplied with two HPA type fobs, as supplied the second button is coded for the panic function

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For orders outside the UK please contact the office for shipping charges, when sending from outside the EU do not mark the package value as more than $15 as UK customs will charge import duty which is non refundable & please mark the package as 'Item for repair'

M99T2 Alarm & M36T2 Technical Information

The Meta M36T2 is a Thatcham Cat 2 approved immobiliser, the unit interrupts two circuits so rendering the vehicle immobile. The starter motor and the fuel pump circuits are cut and by-passed through the M36T2, once a valid Meta touchkey (model number RK36S) is inserted into the socket the M36 un-immobilises allowing the vehicle to be started. If the vehicle is not started or the ignition not switched on within 15 seconds the immobiliser will re-arm. The M36T2 comes pre-programmed with two RK36S touchkeys, a total of 5 keys can be coded in, once this limit is reached further keys cannot be coded & the immobiliser will need to be removed or replaced. If the M36 has been paired with a M99T2 alarm (see below), the M99T2 can be re-coded with new fobs and will control the M36.

A new M36T2 only has space for three extra touchkeys. If the M36T2 is paired with a M99 alarm system another position of the 5 space memory is used up. Once a RK36S touchkey is coded into the unit it cannot be coded to another M36T2. Do not purchase second hand or previously used touchkeys - they will not work. To code in a new RK36S a working RK36S is required, without which it is not possible and the immobiliser will have to be replaced or removed unless paired with the M99T2.

The M36T2 fitted to many Lotus vehicles is paired to a M99T2 alarm system as standard. The connection between the two is via a digital link and once paired the M99T2 can never be paired with another M36T2. The M36 can be paired to another M99 providing a working touchkey is available and a memory space is free. There is no way to determine how many spaces are free or used up.

Later Lotus Cars (2006 onwards)

Many Lotus cars are now fitted with the Autowatch 457Rli alarm system. The alarm ECU & siren are fitted within the depths of the car, Lotus allocate 4 hours for the replacement of either item should a malfunction occur. The siren fitted is the 375805 which is only available from Lotus however the standard 375000 will operate without problems (the difference between the two sirens is slightly different firmware otherwise they are identical units), the standard 375000 does not does not come with the plug you can either use the original Lotus plug (cut off & rewire) or hard wire it in, only three colour coded wires to connect

Replacement M99 Sirens

Replacement SC1 siren for the M99T2 only

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