Meta HPA EVO alarms

•Two button remotes (x2)
•Flashing indicators
•Diagnostic flashing LED
•Universal central door locking (If fitted To Vehicle)
•Boot, bonnet and door protection
•Standard siren (not battery backed up)
•Double lock and unlock pulse (programmable)
•Remote window closure (If Fitted)
•Voltage drop sensor (can be excluded)
•Emergency override code - can be customised
•Programmable functions
•Safety lock - automatic door locking whilst vehicle is on the move
•Anti Hijack - arms alarm & reduces vehicle speed
•Passive alarm arming (programmable)
•Passive immobiliser arming (programmable)
•Protection for doors boot and bonnet
•Digitally controlled Ultrasonic sensors
•Anti Carjacking
•Signals If car battery is almost flat
•Panic Alarm
•Optional Tilt or shock sensor choose in the drop down list (please note this option can only be changed by a dealer with the correct programming equipment)

Latest version of the Meta HPA range of car alarms. With added features of inbuilt tilt or shock sensor. The EVO system uses a digital control system which no longer uses the old code card technology, as such this alarm will only function with a specasil version of the HPA type fob (Model number ABS16510), two precoded fobs supplied. Choose above to upgrade to the battery backed up siren which is the same kit as the HPA5 EVO

HPA EVO 3.5     HPA EVO 5.0