Meta HPA alarms

  • Two button anti-scan, anti-grab water resistant and shockproof remotes (X2 blue supplied)
  • Engine immobilisation
  • Flashing indicators
  • Diagnostic flashing LED
  • Remote central door locking*
  • Remote window closure**
  • Vibration and water resistant system
  • Voltage drop sensor (can be excluded)
  • Emergency override code - can be customised
  • Boot, bonnet and door protection
  • Programmable functions via remote control
  • Ignition hotwire protection
  • Also available as a Thatcham Upgrade alarm (HPAT 5.0)
  • Also available as a remote CDL system (no alarm functions) HPA3-2

Available in the new HPA alarm range are the HPA 2.5, 3.5 and 4.0 models. All HPA systems come with remote central door locking and remote control as standard. Remote window closure is also possible for vehicles fitted with comfort closure. In addition to these traditional features, the products can be customised by programming the operating mode into the microprocessor's memory based on the features of the vehicle and the owner's preferences.

Standard features in the range include boot, bonnet and door protection, engine immobilisation and a diagnostic flashing LED which acts as a deterrent. The systems are vibration and water resistant and come complete with ignition hotwire protection. A number of functions are programmable through the waterproof and shockproof remote controls as well as the system benefiting from an emergency override code that can be customised.

The HPA 2.5 is a full specification alarm/immobiliser providing a high level of security. By adding ultrasonics, the system becomes an HPA 3.5 giving a new dimension of security which enables temporary deactivation of the sensors if pets or children are left in the vehicle. With the addition of both ultrasonics and battery backup, the HPA 4.0 meets the demanding requirements in the fight against theft and gives the system an extra measure of reassurance.

Optional features which may be added to the systems at an additional cost include safety locking to automatically lock the door whilst the vehicle is moving; anti-hijack facility which locks the doors automatically; and an emergency electronic override key.

Meta HPA systems (High Performance Alarm) are full specification modular security systems bristling with innovative security and convenience features. Designed to meet the demanding requirements in the fight against sophisticated modern car thieves.

HPA systems are available with ultrasonics and battery backup. All HPA systems can be programmed to suit the specific features of the vehicle and owner preferences.

Remote control and central door locking* come as standard across the range. Ask your dealer to help you select the HPA system best suited to your needs. Also available as a remote control unit, HPA 3-2 (without the alarm functions) & as a Thatcham approved device, HPAT 5.0

HPA 3.5   HPA 3-2   HPAT 5.0