M99 problems page

Remote Fobs:
If a remote fob stops functioning first replace the batteries, if it still does not work it may have gone out of sync with the main alarm ( the fob changes it’s code every time the button is pressed) try re-programming it back into the alarm, to do this you will need a working fob, follow these instructions:

  1. With a working fob arm and disarm the alarm sixteen times or until the alarm stops responding, alarm now in program mode.
  2. Once in program mode press the button of the new remotes(s), press the button of the original remote(s). This must be done within 8 seconds of each action. If 8 seconds pass without any actions the alarm will automatically exit programming mode and you will have to start from step 1.
  3. Wait 8 seconds to exit learning mode.
  4. Test remotes.
Re-programming M99 alarms - more info

Replacement fobs & Cases:
To program a new fob into the M99 brain you need the code card with a 16 digit hexadecimal code number and a working fob, without either it will not be possible to do. However if you send the alarm brain to us here at Abacus it can be re-coded two new fobs and codecard. If you have the codecard and a working fob you can order a replacement fob at the link below.
If the fob case is damaged or the button has disintegrated you can order a new case

Replacement cases - more info
Replacement fobs - more info

Siren problems:
The siren is probably the most problematic part of the alarm system, when this goes wrong it can cause some odd alarm conditions, such as going off when arming/disarming or sounding for a few seconds while driving the car, when these condition happen it will be a good chance the siren has become faulty. If the siren sounds for no reason (usually the indicators do not flash) e.g. while driving the car and does not respond to the remote fobs is usually an indication the unit is faulty and needs replacing. The siren for the M99T model (M11A) is no longer available, however we can supply a replacement which comes with a simple plug & play adapter loom which needs to be added to the alarm brain. The siren for the later M99T2 is still available, model number SC1T2

M11a replacement siren for the M99Tfa  - more info
SC1T2 replacement siren for the M99T2  - more info

The car fails to start when the engine is hot (TVR's)

The M36 immobiliser:

The M36T2 immobiliser is a two circuit Thatcham approved immobiliser, it is manufactured with very high quality components to a very high standard & as           such this is one of the most reliable immobilisers manufactured today, many of these systems are still working perfectly on vehicles which are well over 15 years age.
The problem, relay 1 (circuit 1) of the immobiliser can handle a maximum of 10 Amps, relay 2 (circuit 2) can handle 25 Amps. Here's the rub, TVR have wired these circuits the wrong way around, the TVR fuel pump circuit goes through the higher rated relay 2, while relay 1 (rated 10A) has to handle the starter circuit. All being well there are no problems even though the two relays are wired the wrong way around, as testified in that they've been functioning perfectly for 10 years or more. Problems arise when the starter solenoid begins           to wear, in so doing it demands more & more power to function, when the current flow to the starter gets to the 10 Amp limit of relay(1) problems start, this gets exasperated when the engine is hot which in turn makes the solenoid hot which in turn requires even more power, I understand this is known as the hot start problem, this demand for power will eventually burn out the smaller relay. Adding an extra 'hot start' relay to this circuit is not a premanent fix, this           circuit will just demand more power which could eventually burn out the ignition switch or associated wiring to eventually the failure of the starter itself. Before this happens we recomend to have the solenoid/starter inspected & have it repaired or replaced if found faulty.

All replacement TVR adapted M36T2 immobiliserw will now be sent out with the immobiliser circuits switched to match the TVR wiring, this will now match the higher rated relay to the starter circuit of the TVR, this should cut down on the hot start issue