EWP1 Slave PIR

Slave PIR sensor, can be wirelessly connected to the EPIR2 to protect other areas. PIR sensor EWP1 is a wireless device with integrated motion detector for use as part of the ELDES wireless security system. The sensor allows the expanding of up to 16 security zones. Simply program to the EPIR2 via an SMS message or the Eldes configuration tool.

Battery Type: AA Lithium
Battery Voltage; Capacity: 3,6 V; 2,4 Ah
Battery Operation Time: ~18 months (when operating in standard mode)
Radio transmitter-receiver frequency: 868 MHz
Range of Operating Temperatures: -10...+55°C
Dimensions: 104x60x33mm
Coverage: 90°
Maximum Detection Distance: 10 meters
Radion communication range: up to 30m in premises; up to 150m in open areas

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