Motorcycle and Scooter security tips

That doesn't mean the people who steal them are so clever they can't be outsmarted. They can. If you put enough security around your bike, you'll make it too difficult for them. Most bike crime can be prevented. Don't give criminals an easy ride. Follow our top ten tips to protect your pride and joy.

  1. Alarms
    Get a combined alarm and electronic immobiliser fitted professionally. Thatcham and Sold Secure recommend some of the best and your insurance company may give you a discount on your premiums.
  2. Locks
    Get a good disc lock or better still, a U-lock - make sure it's long enough.
  3. Secure
    Secure your bike to something solid that can't be moved and keep the lock off the ground - this makes it harder to break.
  4. Marks
    Put obvious security markings on as many parts of your bike as possible, using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the registration number or your postcode linked to a recognised database.
  5. Garage
    If you've got a garage use it and lock it. If not, ground anchors are a good bet and cover your bike if you can.
  6. Keys
    Keep you keys safe and out of sight at all times.
  7. Steering
    Always put the steering lock on.
  8. Helmet
    Don't leave your helmet or other possessions on the bike.
  9. Off-road
    If you ride an off-road bike, ask the DVLA to register its details (frame and engine numbers) on their own and police computers - it's free.
  10. Second-hand
    If you're buying a second hand bike or parts, be wary of 'bargains'. Have a good look at the registration documents and check the bike's history with HPI Group Ltd, the AA or the RAC.