Locating Meta Alarm ECU's

Locating The Alarm

To locate the model of the alarm look under the bonnet for the siren, once located inspect the cable coming from it, if the cable is very thin (only a few wires encased in a rubber/plastic sheath) this is just a siren and the actual alarm control brain will be hidden somewhere under the dash (known as a modular alarm), see below. If the siren has a sticker (usually found on the underside of the unit) with the model numbers M07 or M11 or SC1T2 then these are just sirens and the alarm control box will be hidden somewhere under the dash.

If there are quite a few wires (or a thick cable sheath) coming from the siren this indicates it to be the actual alarm system (known as a compact alarm) on it should be a sticker with the model number, it may be necessary to unbolt the siren as the sticker is on the underside. In all cases the model number begins with the letter 'M', I.E. M870, M8700 or M2807 etc. Once found contact the office.

If the vehicle is fitted with just a siren, the alarm brain will be found somewhere under the dash, the easiest way to find the unit is either follow one of the sensor wires (usually fitted either side of the windscreen pillars) or the LED wire or the siren wire which should all lead you to the unit. Again once found there should be a sticker with the model number and again in all cases begins with the letter 'M', I.E. M99 or M996 etc. The control box can vary in size roughly from a paperback book to a box a little larger than a packet of cigarettes, in all cases there will be a large number of wires coming from it, at least a dozen or more wires. Once found contact the office with this information.

We can only re-code later Meta alarms such as the M870, M8700, M2087, M996, M928, M99T, M99T2, M187, M871 and HPA range of alarms systems with two fobs and a new code-card, in many cases we can offer an exchange item so it will be a simple case of plug and play for replacing it.

For more information please call the office on 0208 677 1999

With the exception of the M870 alarm system which will be mounted under the bonnet (middle right), All the above alarm control ECU's will be found somewhere under the dash