Crime Prevention

The Statistics Don't Lie

More than a quarter of all recorded crimes are car thefts or thefts from cars, such as stereos and mobile phones. If your car is stolen or broken into, it could mean weeks of expensive inconvenience and the loss of your valuable no claims bonus. Don't become a statistic, protect your vehicle and turn the tide against car crime.

Never leave your car door unlocked or sunroof open even when just going into a shop for a moment or two.

Don't leave any belongings in your car. A thief wont know that a bag or coat doesn't contain something valuable and might break a window to get at it. If you can't take them with you, never leave things on display; lock them in the boot.

Make a note of your stereo serial number and keep it in a safe place. If your stereo is a removable type, always take it with you.

Don't leave credit cards or cheque books in the glove compartment. 1 in 5 stolen cheque and credit cards are stolen from cars.

Never leave your vehicle documents in the car - they could help a thief to sell it.

Remove the ignition key and engage the steering lock - even when parking in your own driveway or garage - and don't forget to lock the garage door.

Have an alarm system or immobiliser fitted

Always try to park in a well-lit open location.

Double-check that all car doors, windows, sunroof and boot are locked before leaving it.

Always put your aerial down to stop it being vandalised.


Passenger Vehicles

Vehicle crime statistics published by the Home Office for the year April 1997 to March 1998 show:

24% of all reported crime relates to vehicle crime

Cost to the insurance industry is in excess of £500 million per annum

In 1993 car crime was at its peak and costing the industry in excess of £600m


Heavy Goods Vehicles

73% increase over the last 10 years

Over 46% of Commercial Fleets affected

Estimated cost to the insurance Industry £1.6 Billion