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Datatool S4 Replacement Kit


Manufacturer: Meta

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Product Information

Plug & play replacement for the Datatool S4 alarm system. Simply locate the alarm unit mounted to the bike & remove the cover of the black connector box (Torx T10 security screwdriver required, choose above if needed), unplug the three connectors & insert into the plugs fitted to the DefcomT adapter loom. Option to add the seat sensor if not already fitted, choose above.Also included are two fobs have been pre-coded, alarm beeps activated & the sleep timer has been extended to 21 days (more info below)

Torx T10 Security Screwdriver

New version of the Defcom3.1b uses Bluetooth technology (not yet enabled for the mobile phone), if used with the optional B9.5 Bluetooth Tag (Or Fob) the alarm will automatically disarm when the Tag is nearby & the owner starts the vehicle. The new 3.1b does not use the old 16 digit coded fobs, the replacement fobs are EVO based & are self coding using a unique 5 digit code supplied with each alarm. The standard kit is supplied with two HPA EVO fobs, can be upgraded to either the B9.5 and/or EVO M252 fobs (choose above).

This kit includes two remote fobs pre-programmed to the alarm (including the ID'tag if chosen), the alarm is also programmed to be fully 'awake' for up to 480 hours (20 days), this means if you arm the alarm it will enter sleep mode after 15 days or if the battery falls below a set level.  The alarm will also be preprogrammed to beep when arming & disarming via the fobs. This service is included with all the Defcom3.1b's supplied by Abacus Car Alarms.

As standard & supplied by most other dealers all Defom3.1bs are preprogrammed to be awake for a maximum of 120 hours (5 Days), once 5 days have elapsed the alarm will shut down, should someone attempt to steal or move the bike the alarm will not sound. The alarm will be silent on arm/disarm.Programming the fobs must be done when powering up the alarm for the first time, if this programming period has been missed a slightly complicated proceedure will be required to code them in. The beep on arm & disarm can be programmed by the owner, however the sleep timing period can only be programmed by a dealer using special equipment.

ID Tag Option:

If choosing the ID Tag the 'Auto Arm' option above can also be added & will function seamlessly with the ID Tag (Auto-Arm option can also be added if using the standard fobs, but the alarm will need to disarmed every time you want to move or use the bike - can be put into service mode so the alarm will not interfere when servicing the vehicle), the alarm will automatically disarm when the Tag is within 10 metres of the alarm unit. Please note if the alarm is armed by pressing either the standard fob or ID tag button it will also need to be disarmed using the button, it will not automatically disarm even when using the ID Tag. When using the Tag button there is usually a 3 secound delay, this is normal, when using the Tag normally there will be no such delay, there is no delay when using the standard fobs.

B9.5b ID tag, automatically dis-arms the alarm when in range (Approx 5 Metres)

Free Faraday pouch when the B9.5 ID Tag is ordered, stops communication with the alarm should the tag be in a nearby area


Please note the Defcom3.1b is not Thatcham 1 approved, it is a 2-1 upgrade which means if the bike has a factory fitted immobiliser it will be classed as a 2-1 Thatcham upgrade,

This replacment kit is specified as a standard battery backed up alarm system which can function in the similar manor to the original S3, 

Optional key type fob (key element is not included)

Optional Meta M252 fitted with key element (Key Element Not Supplied)


Upgrade one of the HPA type fobs to Meta M252 ignition key type remote, keyfob allows the fitment of the vehicle's metal key element, supplied with easy to follow instructions & key fitting kit, more info (Not recomended for bikes fitted with the chipped key immobiliser, key element not supplied - choose in options box below)


  • Two anti-scan / antigrab, rolling code micro transmitters
  • Passive arming single circuit immobiliser (Pre-programmed, can be switched off)
  • Passive arming for full alarm system (Optional)
  • Hazard flash when sounding
  • Battery Backed Up Siren 
  • Visual and audible arming signals (selectable)
  • Secure override facility activated by the owners individual PIN code in the event of loss or damage to transmitters
  • Diagnostic LED
  • Internal Movement sensor (can be excluded)
  • Loud 114db remote siren
  • Sleep mode with zero battery drain after 20 days
  • Low 1.8 mA current consumption
  • Low bike battery warning when disarming
  • Auto re-arm of immobilisation if ignition is not turned on within 50 seconds
  • System test facilities in first 25 seconds of arming informs of any faults
  • Panic facility
  • Movement sensor deletion facility
  • Additional protection circuits
  • Alarm automatically re-arms if triggered
  • Upgrade to key remote
  • Operating temperature -25C to 85C
  • Ultra Small - Maximum Dimensions 9.5cm X 6cm X 3.5cm (LxWxH - Plug not connected)
  • Optional equipment on KTM motorcycles
  • Also Approved by Yamaha UK
  • Step by step installation guide
  • Three year no quibble warranty (1 Year if supplied to outside the UK) 
  • Telephone & Email technical support

Product Code: S4 Defcom3.1b


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