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The Bronze area is FREE to JOIN

Bronze membership allows you to:

  • View and download many user guides
  • View a small selection of fitting instructions for various security systems
  • View a small selection if fitting details for some popular vehicles
  • Access to the forum where you can read and post information, help etc
  • View but not download the files in the download area
  • Upgrade to any of the paid membership areas
  • . . Access to the download area where there's a huge amount of alarm wiring information for both cars and motorcycles.


You can at any time upgrade to any of the paid member areas

If you only want a small amount of information you can buy 10 credits this will allow you to download files in the download area. All the files have a cost ranging from 1 credit upwards. Information containing wiring details of individual vehicles cost only one credit, while fitting instructions cost from 5 credits. The credit cost of all files in the download area is viewable before you decide to download. For more information 25 credits are available for purchase as is unlimited downloads without having to join the Silver area.

To purchase online any of these services you can pay via Paypal, this will give you immediate access to the restricted areas.

You can go to the Other Payment section where you can pay via cheque or credit card. Payment by cheque will delay your access to the restricted area until cleared. Payment by credit card will normally take 24 hours before you will get access to the restricted areas.

All credits are valid from one year of purchase.

Silver Members Area

  • Access all the features of the Bronze area
  • All Silver members have access to all areas and are able to download any of the files without restriction.
  • Access to Thatcham wiring details
  • Well over 2000 files of alarm, wiring and technical information
  • Earn cash by uploading your own files into the download area (see Below)
  • NEW - Area now includes wiring informaion about motorcycles